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Childcare and politics go hand in hand to preserve the health and well-being of future generations. Stay up to date with the latest news stories by subscribing to these informative YouTube channels.

The Right to Child Care – DW News

DW News is a reliable news network. This episode talks about recent changes in childcare legislation in Germany. The bill allows parents of children up to age 3 to attend a daycare center.

The issue is that larger cities like Munich do not have enough capacity for all these children. Follow this episode to find out about the recent changes to the childcare bill and how they may affect different parts of Germany.

Elevating Childcare as a Political Issue During an Election Year – ECDAN

The ECDAN channel discusses the 2022 election year in this episode. It focuses on creating awareness about the current challenges in childcare and how parties should prioritize childcare reforms.

Experts talk about how policymakers should raise the profile of childcare to a level of national priority. Advocacy groups need to come up with communication strategies so that they can focus on key areas of the challenges facing childcare. Parties need to discover ways to mobilize the public to gain more support for childcare initiatives.

The daycare debate – The Globe and Mail

Affan Chowdhry and Martha host this episode of The Globe and Mail. The central focus of the discussion revolves around affordable childcare and how childcare policies have been implemented across the world in recent years.

Erin Anderssen discusses Canada’s daycare policy and offers expert advice on how Canada can learn from other countries regarding effective childcare policies. The show takes a brief look at the political aspects of policymaking and gathers civil society organizations who have expressed childcare challenges in the past.

The Politics of Care – USC Center for the Political Future

This YouTube channel talks about recent events in the political landscape. They discuss how childcare and support for family caregivers have become a priority for policymakers.

Recent developments indicate that the current US administration will improve on the current paid family leave policies. The new administration is also planning on other new policy changes that will impact the American family.

Follow these reputable channels online to learn more about topics concerning childcare policies, legislation, politics, and parenting.